Request for Help: Disconnect Internet on IP Address Mismatch


We are in need of assistance to develop a script that will perform the following actions:

The script will operate when the client computer is connected to the internet and will remain inactive when there is no internet connection.

Approximately 2 minutes after the client computer establishes an internet connection, it will compare the client computer’s public IP address with a pre-defined public IP address.

If the IP addresses differ, the script will disconnect the internet connection.

The IP check and comparison process will be repeated at 2-minute intervals.

If a difference is detected between the client’s public IP address and our designated address, the script will promptly terminate the internet connection.

After disconnecting the internet connection, the script should allow the user to attempt to reconnect.

When the internet connection is reestablished, the script should continue the aforementioned monitoring process.

The script should continue to monitor as long as the client computer is connected to the internet.

Your valuable assistance in creating this script is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Best regards.

I am awaiting your support. Yours sincerely.

hi @bayhickimse
I will request the concern team to reach out back to you

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I would appreciate your support. Thank you…

hi @bayhickimse , we are aiming to provide the script by next Wednesday (November 8th), if not earlier.

Hi @bayhickimse ,

Please try this script prepared by our script developer and provide your feedback

Note: Provide the Public IP address in the variable “Predefined_IP” and run this script for 2 min under monitor

Kind Regards,

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Thank you, I will test it and provide feedback.