Review and Testing of CIS "2020" against 100 + newly released Malwares from 03/2024 (without av component, only fw and containment)

Hello all.

As I said before, here is my video testing CIS 2020 against 100 newly released Malwares (all downloaded at 03/15/2024).

The test was conducted in an virtual environment running Windows 10 Pro 22H2 updated, with the old cis without its av component, relying only on the firewall, viruscope and containment.

The results are sick! (in a good way) :slight_smile:

The video:

Ps.: Im Brazilian so the video is in Portuguese but You can try the Youtube Subtitles as its working as of speaking. But the tests talk for itself :slight_smile: Hope it will be a good thing for you guys and Im waiting CIS 2024 FINAL so I can put it against 100 newly malwares too! :slight_smile: (any eta for its release? :stuck_out_tongue: )


so, is this any good ? i would like to have some feedback from devs and/or cruelsister1…

Hello guys. Just to say that I posted this same topic at comodo forums but its waiting for moderation to aprove or not.

Edit.: And Thanks Mellih as I saw that you created a topic with my video there. Thanks. There is a bit of info for it. This test is placed in an entire playlist where Im posting, almost daily, videos of testing different avs. The idea is not to say who is better or who is worst but the videos almost talks by itself when people watch all of them and watch the video testing cis 2020 against malwares from 03/2024 :slight_smile:

Hello all.

Just to say that in about 3 day Ill publish another video about CIS 2020 agains 100 newly releaded malwares (all from April 2024) but in this video I do an extensive review and try to explain how cis containment works and why I use it but dont recomend it for the ones who doesnt know much about tech.

As soon as the videos goes online Ill post a new topic to show you the link for it and wait your great feedback.

Please, if possible, someone show Mellih and Cruelsister this message.