Rude? Categorization

Alright, I gotta wonder…who’s responsible for this…

Ideally we’re not labeling our paying customers offensive and/or tasteless.
In theory. I’m hoping this was an automated verdict but still eh…one would hope there’s a bit more background than this…

Hi @BeeHiveCyberSecurity

Apologies for the inconvenience i will forward the details to verdict team and get them look into this.


An entire new calendar year and this issue is still persisting.

Nov 23 - Apr 24? 6? months?

cmon folks.

hi @BeeHiveCyberSecurity

apologies for the inconvenience , the issue was reported to team back then and team did checked on it , i will check with team on this immediately.

hi @BeeHiveCyberSecurity

Our team have changed the categorisation as business please do check the same from your side

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Thank you. VirusTotal has updated and shows “Business” as categorization. Appreciate your time to this matter.

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