Script to disable Windows UAC for a specific app

I have an app which triggers a UAC warning when run as a user without admin rights. Would you be able to produce a script to overcome this issue, so the app runs without admin rights and the warning?

I will send you a copy of the app separately rather than posting it here.


hi @nct

I have forwarded to the concern team to look into it and they will get back to you.

thank you

Dealing with UAC prompts can be frustrating. While I can’t directly provide a script without seeing the app, here’s a general approach:

You could try creating a scheduled task to run the application with elevated privileges, bypassing the UAC prompt. This task would need to be set up with administrative credentials and configured to run the application silently.

Feel free to send me the app, and I’ll do my best to assist further.

Hi @nct ,

The script request has been shared with the script developer and a script task has been created for your reference CS-55648.

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