Service Desk Portal Question

We have been using the Xcitium Platform Service Desk for tickets, but havent been able to see end users replies.
They make a ticket, I reply to the ticket it then sends an email which says to reply to it or login. Whenever an end user replies to the ticket response from an email client, the reply never shows up on the service desk ticket.

So my question is must we direct our end users to only submitting/replying to tickets using the Ticketing Portal ?

hi @Jaydan

The users are probably replying to the notifications sent by SD no-reply email address. It’s expected for these replies not to be added to ticket on SD side.

So, if you want the users to be able to use the email client to reply to the ticket, you needs to configure a custom email address:

Help Guide URL: Setup Your Support Email Addresses, Email Addresses | Comodo Dragon Service Desk, Helpdesk Ticket System

Otherwise the end users must only use the ticketing portal.

Thank you

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