SFTP Site not working

Your SFTP site is not working and we are not able to share logs. The support team is asking to share the logs via public service like WeTransfer , Google Drive etc.
We cannot put our customer logs in public domain, so please fix the issue ASAP and your support teams needs to learn about the legal issues and not request diag log files to be shared via public services.

It is worth mentioning that your support diag tool collects lots of information when run and we cannot put those log files on public file sharing services. You need to urgently fix your SFTP as its like this from past 3 months.


I often submit logs using http://download.comodo.com/cis/download/installs/cisreporttool/cisreporttool.exe and have not encountered any problems.

Not sure where it uploads but from our customers controlled network, at the end we often see issue that it failed to upload and then we have to send manually. So they give SFTP details and we upload it there. But from past 3 months their SFTP server is giving the error as shown in my original post and they have not fixed it since. If atleast they tell the address where the logs are uploaded then we can ask our customer to open the path for it but that information also is hard to get it.

the report tool only has write permissions, so it is expected to see such error when you try to read some directories.

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So how do we upload manually? As soon as we authenticate with the given credentials by support we see the above error. Is there a web interface which can be used to upload the log files?

Even if you see the error when you click OK it should allow you to upload logs (but deny read/download)


Ok, let me try that option to upload the files