Sharing Maintenance Window across multiple profiles


If we create a maintenance window then it can be used for a specific profile only where it was created. If we create another profile then we cannot re-use the maintenance window created already.

Can Xcitium change the way maintenance window is implemented? We have fixed maintenance window for every customer and we want to create it and use it in any profiles. Its a waste of time to re-create the maintenance window for each profile.

For e.g. for one customer, we have 3 changes planned and we create 3 profiles for it. We are forced to create the same maintenance window 3 times.

Now you may ask why not put all the 3 changes under the same profile. This is because they need to be executed in a specific order which is not possible if we add them all in the same profile. For e…g if we add 3 procedures under the same profile and schedule them, then there is no specific order and they all execute at the same time one by one. Wheras we want the 2nd procedure to run when 1st one is done and similarly 3rd one to execute when 2nd one is completed. Since there is no way to accomplish this with a single profile, we end up creating 3 profiles.


Hello @myr ,

Thank you very much for your suggestion, that is a very valid point to put maintenance window configuration outside profiles and enable it just like monitors.

We will deeply analyze and prioritize accordingly. We will share a possible timeline as soon as possible.

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HI @ilgaz ,
Do you have any update for me on this?