Shouldnt this be Xcitium Valkyrie

Hello this should be Xcitium Valkyrie not Comodo

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The rating is top notch Valkyrie.Auto or Manual.Malware@1 but this should be rebranded to Xcitium Valkyrie

There is a general issue of branding all over. Comodo, Xcitium , ITarian.
Its very important to ensure that it all carries the same name to avoid confusion.


@nivedithab needs to fix it

Hi @Nik

I will check with the team on this and get back to you.

Thank you.

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Hello everyone,
Thank you for the feedback.
You are right. We have already rebranded most parts and we have a plan to change/rebrand other old Comodo terms in our mid-level plan. And definitely one of them is Comodo Valkyrie, now referred to as Xcitum Verdict Cloud.

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So Instead of Comodo Valkyrie in the File List in Rating section it will be Xcitium Verdict Cloud

Why do I get this feeling from Comodo\Xcitium\Itarian that it is like building a new home and moving in right after the foundation is poured? I feel that the complete system is a work in progress and our customers are the testers of the product. In reality the testing should be done before the product is push out to us so that we can field calls pertaining to something other than a file being blocked after two years of existance on the systems we manage, and suddenly it gets contained at the worst time, in a customers work day. Maybe put the walls up and the roof on before moving in.

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Regret the inconveniences caused. We will ensure to provide our best services and will resolve any issues that are being faced.