Uninstall instead of Install when trying to manually patch a workstation

Has anyone facing this issue where the patches are detected for a workstation and you want to manually install the patch and instead of “Install” the “Uninstall” button is enabled.

To me it looks like a EM portal bug but just want to verify if others have the similar issue with Xcitium Enterprise.

Hello @myr ,

We have an approval mechanism for patches. There is a toggle button “Approve Automatically” located on top right corner under Operating System Patches. You can choose whether to enable or disable auto approval.

If you disable auto approval, it means you need to approve each new patch before it can be installed on any endpoint.

In your case, could you please check whether if this specific patch is “Approved”? You can check this from Patch Management → Operating System section and filter by “Title”. If the patch is not in “Approved” status, then you can not install the patch.

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Indeed that was the issue. But even Uninstall should be disabled but I am ok now that I know what was causing it.

You are absolutely correct. We already filed this as a bug and passed to development team.

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Once you’re in Safe Mode, Windows 10 users should head to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and select View Update History to see all the recent patches that have been installed. Click the Uninstall Updates link at the top of the page.