Updating AEP Branding from Comodo to Xcitium


Just curious when the re-branding of the AEP will happen. All of our endpoints still have the Comodo branding on the AEP.

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hi @NTELogic

Our team is currently working on it to get the rebranding issue fixed for all the endpoints at the earliest. Appreciate your understanding and patience.

Thank you!

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I have also logged a ticket with support over a month ago and no feedback on this same issue as the branding is outdated.

hi @QuickSilverST

team is working on the rebranding issue , I have requested for feedback from the team to get the update.

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Thank you. Will also check my ticket status

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EDR service process still lists as “COMODO”, intended?

Hi @BeeHiveCyberSecurity , yes we haven’t applied rebranding on processes and driver level components yet. This requires extensive testing which we aim to complete next year.

Understood, please let us know if there is any way we can assist or accelerate testing.

Odd behavior to report with a fresh deployment of Latest CC and XCS, Branding and profile deployment seems delayed. Deployed a fresh install, took about 2-3 hours before all branding was in place. Known bug, expected behavior?

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