Very long AV scan times

Hi, who here is having quick and full scans taking forever or aborting the scans? We did log a ticket with support.

here, error in updates see:

hi @QuickSilverST ,
could you please share me the ticket # , I will follow up with the team to get this resolved.

hi @lio-sant

Request you to drop email to along with all screenshots of error and logs if available which will create ticket for the issue and let me know the ticket # to follow up with the team.

Hi @nivedithab here is my ticket, it’s also the unrecognized scans also take forever to complete. Looks like the ticket system is different, here is my ticket number:841

thank you for sharing details, I will get feedback from the team and update you on status.

@nivedithab Thank you for your help


the team has mentioned that the logs were not uploaded correctly and they have also replied back to the ticket. Could you please share the logs once again from your side.

Yes, i did upload it again for them and said to them they must let me know if the still can’t find the logs

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