We are getting a false positive on our site https://unimedunihealth.com

We are getting a false positive on our site https://unimedunihealth.com/ from the Xcitium Verdict Cloud. Can you please fix this or advise as to what to do?

hi @ridwanul1991 ,

I shall forward the details to the respective team and update you on the feedback.

Thank you!

Hi @nivedithab,

Thanks for your cooperation and assistance.

Seems to open fine on my end

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Hi @QuickSilverST Thanks for your feedback.

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Is it XCS or XIG blocking it?

Hi @QuickSilverST
Please, check it.

hi @ridwanul1991, team is working on this issue and the verdict will be corrected soon.

Hi, @ilgaz

Thanks for this update and cooperation.

Hi @ridwanul1991 , it is fixed now on our side and we marked the domain as safe.

However, it might take some time to synchronize with Virustotal. Currently it is showing as unrated…

Hello Everyone,
Thanks for your support and guidance.

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