What is this new feature in Xcitium?

Hey guys,

Does anyone have this on their portal “value not set” netx to the component list on the endpoint
, just showed today, was not there yesterday:

Hi @QuickSilverST , our engineering team already found the root cause and it will be fixed as soon as possible. The field is supposed to show “MDR”.

Hey, oki great thnx. Great feature to add as no we have EDR and MDR. Nice job :slight_smile:

Hey J ITech Solutions whats up i also didnt know this feature

hi @Nik, MDR icon under device list indicates whether the device is managed by Xcitium’s world-class SOC team or not.
Green → Managed
Gray → Not Managed
You can also check non-managed devices by selecting “Device is not Managed” filter.

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@ilgaz i created new post pls check