When trying to view the certificate of Rainmeter


Who is secure.comodo.net/CPS
Is it the same as comodo.com
I can’t figure this one out.
Hopefully someone in here has an answer?

When trying to view the certificate of Rainmeter (https://www.rainmeter.net/)

Opening "Issuer Statement" it links to
Browsers I tested (Firefox, Chrome, Waterfox).
A rough google translation from swedish:
The connection is not private
An attacker could try to steal your information from secure.comodo.net (such as passwords, messages, or credit card information).
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The server's identity as secure.comodo.net could not be verified because its security certificate expired 103 days ago.
This may be because the server is incorrectly configured or the connection has been lost.
The clock on the computer is currently set to Tuesday 15 September 2020.
Is it working correctly? Otherwise, you should reset the computer clock and then refresh the page.

Continue to secure.comodo.net (unsafe)