Whitelist web site on Xcitium Enterprise

our sites can’t access https://setmeup.arubanetworks.com/ for setup AP and Network Switches

Help me allow the whitelist site, Pleassssse

hi @onyx.it.license

kindly whitelist the URL or delete the existing policy from the SIG module in order to unblock the URL.

Please find the help article for your reference

Manage Domain Blacklist and Whitelist

Manage XSIG Rules

Kindly check and update us the status.

I didn’t buy security gateway yet
We using endpoint management with XCS

hi @onyx.it.license

Is this issue faced by all the devices or particular device.

I would recommend to start from disabling Webfiltering and Firewall. Under the website filtering the URL can be whitelisted only on device directly not on overall Enterprise portal.
If it is Firewall you can create rules for the same.

How to define file groups as exclusions to Antivirus, Firewall, HIPS and Containment

Even after the above troubleshooting steps if you are still facing the issue with accessing the URL , then request you to access the URL after the XCS is uninstalled , if the URL is working fine , then recommend you to install XCS back to the respective issue device and try disabling one by one components and reproduce the issue with accessing the URL.
Enable / Disable AV, Firewall, Auto-Containment and VirusScope Easily

Please try al the troubleshooting steps suggested above and share your feedback with us.