Will I be able to post at Comodo Forums or no? o.O

I have an topic regardless this subject but it seems its fading away without an answer.

I would like to know if Ill be able to post there or not. If not, make it clear so I can leave without doubts.

As stated before I have an account but my account is on holding waiting decisions but this status is there for a long time.

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no one? just ignoring and its all fine? o.O and I was doing cis tests that can help people to understand how cis works and showing incredible results on the tests…

Maybe some other Xcitium/Comodo Staff does not want you back in the comodo/xcitium community there are alot of Xcitium/Comodo Staff you should contact a Xcitium Staff and ask him when you will be unbanned so you can post again

Vitão has a YouTube channel where he speaks very highly of COMODO, there are several tests being carried out by him and high contention settings, Comodo would gain a lot from him being able to post on the Comodo forum again.
If you or someone reads this here, unblock it from the Comodo forum as it is unable to post anything on the subject.

im not banned. my profile is “on hold” so i can login in, check the topics but i cant interact, i cant post, and no one talks about and this “hold” is there forever.

i guess its time to abandon cis as cis has seems to abandon me.