Worried about some programs not installing correctly and correct use of Comodo

Hi, I’ve got a question, and please hear me out as it’s got me concerned.

I was just installing new drivers for my Huion tablet, and each time it finished it wouldn’t launch, and also while installing I got an error “(some name)dllChecker failed” Retry/Abort, retry worked, so I decided to check Comodo (CIS Premium)
Under blocked applications, it had Huion installer.exe (I’m sorry I don’t remember the exact names)
So I right clicked Unblock for all security components and try and reinstall. The same sequences happened.

So I decided to turn off HIPS, unblock in blocked Apps, and try again. Same error, same fail to load.

So this time, I went into HIPS rules and allowed the installer, not the app, not the dllchecker thing (it didn’t exist, prob created by installer)… just the installer,

And boom everything worked perfectly.

So, here’s my worry. I’m looking at my other large software such as Unity, ZBrush, and even large games like the Sims, DCS World, etc, and I’m REALLY wondering if they installed correctly or if certain parts were blocked during installation. Some of these are huge and my net is somewhat limited.

Am I using Comodo Correctly? Should I be unblocking installers before using them? I’m so lost, I would love some help :frowning:

Just one bump, sorry. Really worried about this.

Hi @Wiliam77 ,

CIS does not block installer automatically. I need steps to be able to reproduce problem. And problematic installers as well. We will direct support team to collect required information. Sorry for late answer.