Xcitium Client Security exceptions

I am lost here, so sorry if it the is already out there. I apparently can’t find one.

I know how to set an exception for one executable at a time, but the program I struggle with have close to 50 executables that needs LAN access (optician server modules).
Is it in ANY way possible to set an entire FOLDER as an exception?

Jimmy K

hi @JimmyK

For creating a File Group and adding exclusions under Security components, please follow the steps mentioned in the below article:

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@JimmyK, depending on your reason for excluding the files you can just trust them instead of excluding them. See How to set specific applications to be unrecognized and check admin rating


Thanks for the answers.
The reason for wanting to exclude the programs in the firewall part (I forgot to mention that part) is that it’s important for the company to actually work. It’s an optician software package (called Horizon) and it consists of a LOT of individual executables, each requiring access through the firewall to the client computers in the store.

I did start trusting individual executables as they got blocked, but I quickly realized, that the store would be out of business for too long, if I had to go through every single file.
So for now I have uninstalled the security client.

In the event that you are unsure of the reasons for the omission of some files, you can always just trust them.

I noticed the File Groups requires me to find every single file I want in that group, and other suggestions also seem to circle around single files.
I want an entire FOLDER with a LOT of files added. Is that really not possible?
It was possible to exclude entire folders in a few clicks in every other security software I have worked with.

I know the reason. The Firewall in Xcitium blocks the executables for an essential server program, that consists of approximately 50 executables… I can’t start letting one exe after the other through… It would take me hours…
For now we had to skip installing the security software on several computers due to this limitation.

hi @JimmyK , recommended firewall settings have default exclusion rule for Global Whitelist file group, where the only thing that you need to do is to define an entire folder in “Global Whitelist” file group using “*” (example shown below), and that should suffice.