Xcitium Enterprise & Agents April Release (April 04, 2024)

Hello Everyone,

We’re pleased to inform you that the latest version of the Xcitium Enterprise and related agents are live now!

The release schedule was implemented as follows:

  • For the US and the EU regions, on Thursday, 2024-04-04T07:00:00Z

The release was implemented within 30 minutes of deployment, during release time the platform could be under maintenance mode, where you might observe minor glitches.

And if you observe any issues after release, please feel free to share them with us.​

Please check the release notes that are marked by the new release!

Xcitium Enterprise & Platform


  • Added support label for macOS 14 in XCS macOS.
  • Added support label for Windows 11 23H2 in XCS Windows.
  • Added support label for Windows 11 23H2 in EDR Windows.

Xcıtıum Client Security – Windows


  • Enhanced XCS support for Windows 11 23H2.
  • Implemented VirusScope exclusions, allowing administrators to define exclusions for Virus Scope analysis via a new checkbox on the XCS UI.


  • Fixed an issue where uninstalling XCS for Windows was not completely removed on Windows Server 2012.
  • Fixed an issue where Cmdagent service startup method was not restored by diagnostic as expected.
  • Fixed an issue of correcting application Authenticode signatures with valid SHA-1 and revoked SHA-2.
  • Fixed an issue where XCS did not add a new vendor to the Vendor List by AV Scan.
  • Fixed Explorer crashes when started in XCS container via context menu on Windows 11 23H2.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tracing configuration UI failed to elevate, preventing the saving of settings.
  • Fixed an issue where XCS blocked applications after File Rating despite having enabled alerts, preventing the unnecessary quarantine of legitimate software.
  • Fixed XCS containment rule skipping with Command-line criteria when another suitable rule existed.
  • Fixed an issue causing abnormal delays during Windows login when XCS was installed,
  • Fixed missing Containment Ignored notification for an AcrobatReader process running inside Windows AppContainer.



  • Xcitium Client Security – Windows (XCS Windows): 13.1.0

So for VirusScope admins can select if VirusScope should do Static Analysis or Dynamic Analysis or both or static analysis,dynamic analysis and machine learning?

Hi @Umut

Glad to see W11 23H2 is finally supported.

In addition, I saw that Virus Scope has exclusions, but it can only be set on the endpoint? This does not seem reasonable.

This problem also applies to website filtering. It can only be set on the endpoint and cannot be controlled on the console. In addition, has the problem of being unable to access HTTPS before website filtering been eliminated?


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Hi @allen,

Thank you for your concerns and improvement ideas. We have open tasks related to centralization, which align closely with the details you mentioned. We will take them into consideration when determining our priorities.

Best regards,

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Does CIS shares the same codebase as this or they are separate products these days? I know this one is based on CIS code, atleast it was.

If so, when can we expect a new cis with these fixes and improvements?

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Hi @Umut

I am very happy to hear that you are doing these things, because many customers have told me that it is obviously a cloud control platform, but many functions can only be used when placed on the endpoint, which sometimes causes management difficulties.


interesting how everybody ignores when people ask about the implementation of this updates into cis. here or on the other forum. why is that?

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I keep asking myself the same thing, there and here no one comments on the subject, not even to say a date or say anything, everyone stays silent

Until now I’m waiting for a response, I think the development of the CIS is very slow. :frowning_face:

Someone said that cis and xcitium client continues to share the same code base but it seems its not the case as xcitium client has multiple updates almost every week/month.

I cant see a way of sharing the same codebase when one has multiple updates and the other has nothing for almost 4 years.

If any dev could share some insights on this subject would be nice…

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It does seem puzzling how cis and xcitium client could share the same code base given the disparity in update frequencies. Xcitium’s frequent updates suggest an active development process, whereas cis hasn’t seen updates for nearly four years. Insights from a developer would indeed be helpful to understand whether there’s a divergence in their codebases or perhaps different development strategies at play.