Xcitium on Android


We have 6 mobile phones and i want to install xcs on phones.
is it possible to block install&unistall applications etc?
how can i install xcs on phones? i couldn’t find any app for it.


hi @Ozzonation

you can manage your android devices from the endpoint manager portal which helps you install or uninstall of any application of the enrolled android devices. You can log in to the endpoint manager portal and use the below guide to manage your devices.
Once you enroll the android device to xcitium it can be managed overall from the portal.

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hi @nivedithab

thanks for your answer.

i couldn’t add any member to EM portal. and when i type my email, i haven’t receive any mail for download app.

Enroll Your Device

  • After your admin has added your device to Endpoint Manager, you will receive a device enrollment email.

  • The mail contains a link to the software appropriate for your device. The software will connect your device to Endpoint Manager:

Hi @Ozzonation

Could you please share the screenshots of the enrollment process you are doing in portal. From the first step of selecting user or company name from drop down

hi @nivedithab

I think i just firuge it out.
first of all i sohuld add device from device list, after that i get an email for it.