Xcitium & OpenEDR Platforms February Release (February 21-22, 2024)

Dear Xcitium Team,

We’re kindly pleased to inform you that the latest version of the Xcitium & OpenEDR Platforms are almost live now!

The release schedule was implemented as follows:

  • For the US region, on Wednesday, 2024-02-21T07:00:00Z
  • For the EU region, on Thursday, 2024-02-22T08:00:00Z

The release was implemented within 30 minutes of deployment, during release time the platform could be under maintenance mode, where you might observe minor glitches.

And if you observe any issues after release, please feel free to share them with us.​

Please check the release notes that are marked by the new release!

Xcitium Platform


  • Fixed an issue with the EM portal no longer displaying “Scanned and Found Safe” and “Scanned Online and Found Malicious” events under HIPS events.
  • Fixed incorrect icon displays: Icons for “minimize menu bar” and “maximize menu bar” in the Portal now display correctly.



  • Xcitium OpenEDR License now covers unlimited devices.
  • UI & UX Corrections have been applied to all Registration Pages in OpenEDR.
  • The product logo is now displayed instead of the Xcitium logo in the Main Banner of OpenEDR.



  • Xcitium Platform: 9.3.0
  • OpenEDR Platform: 1.10.0

HI @Umut

Can I ask which platforms Openedr currently supports?

It seems that currently only Windows operating systems can be installed.


Hi @allen,

Currently, the EDR agent is available only for Windows. We have been working for a while to expand the supported operating systems.

Best regards.

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HI @Umut

Thanks for your reply so I understand.