Xcitium Valkyrie PE Sections should be also Suspicious if Static Analysis detects a suspicious behaviour but it does not work

Another problem with Xcitium Valkyrie is that usually in 2016-2017 Valkyrie labeled also PE Sections as SUSPICIOUS with Static Analysis

but i got a sample where The Size Of Raw Data is illegal and its still not SUSPICIOUS??

here screenshot the ndata should be SUSPICIOUS Section because the size of raw data is 0x0 but its not please fix this here is also proof

Xcitium Cloud Verdict here link

hi @Nik

I will share the details with concern team and get back to you with feedback.

Thank you!

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@nivedithab what did the team say?

@Nik ,

Apologises I am yet to get fewdback on the issue. Kindly appreciate your patience.

@nivedithab still no reply from the team?

Hi @Nik ,

I really regret for the delay in resolving this issue and providing you feedback on the same. I have been continuously following up from my end to get the update from team. I will get back to you in next 72 with any update from the team regarding this issue. Request your patience.

Thank you