Xcitium Verdict Cloud shows Malicious for my domain

Xcitium Verdict Cloud show malicious againts my domain name on virustotal for personal & dating even though the domain is used for cement industry

Hi @saifbutt

Request you to kindly share the domain details along with the virus total analysis screenshot

this is my domain, cemav.com, this is the link for my site https://cemav.com

hi @saifbutt

as per the screenshot the verdict has been marked as malicious by other organization and not by our Xcitium. Request you to contact the corresponding company for the verdict correction.

as you can see in the second screenshot Xcitium Verdict Cloud has marked the site as personal and dating, i am specifically talking about that

Let me share the screenshot to the team to correct the tag for the domain.

thanks kindly notify me when there is an update

hi @saifbutt

The category of website was changed as business.

We have the same issue with our domain

@nivedithab could you help with this

hi @Asri

I have shared it to the concern team to look into it.

thank you