XCS delivery issues

Hi, forum boss

I would like to ask if you have ever encountered this error message when installing XCS again?
Xcitium Client - Security v. MSI Installation pending. Pending OS update reboot
Is this because the delivery was stuck because Microsoft did not restart the computer after completing the update?

hi @allen

apologies for the inconvenience caused. The issue has been forwarded to the backend team to look into it. I will update you once received feedback from them.

hi @allen

Please do find the feedback regarding the issue from our team given below
"There is a limit of failed XCS update attempts to prevent network bandwidth consuming downloading XCS binaries each time. As for current case, the system is waiting for reboot to install OS patch. We reject XCS update for such case because XCS updating and OS patching on the same reboot may cause major OS problems - system may become even inaccessible. request you to restart PC and retry the update. "

HI @nivedithab

Thank you for your reply. Now I understand. I will ask users to complete the current OS update before installing it.

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