XCS removal issues

Windows server 2012r2 has XCS installed.
Shows up under installed programs but when you try to uninstall it does nothing.
RMM is removed and its deleted out of Xcitium.

Running the ciscleanuptool reports ITSM administrator password for removal tool is not set.
Cant set it since its no longer connected.

How do I remove the XCS antivirus?

hi @SmartCloud

apologies for the inconvenience ,

could you please drop an email to support@xcitium.com , I will request the team to share you the offline removal tool along with password and hash to remove the XCS.
Also the online removal tool you can set the password in the profile for removing the XCS.

Thank you sir,
I did send support an email.

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They did send me the offline uninstaller and it worked great.


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