12.14 updated XCS version issue

CCS-XCS version 12.14 when installed on some users give bluedump error for some users.
It prevents OS to boot

hi @Siddhesh ,

We will check on the issue and get back to you. Please do share any screenshot if available.

Thank you

Screen shot is not available as it was bluedump and machine was not booted to take a snap of screen.

Yes, i have the same issue. For me it is the Dell laptops that are a couple years old. I was able to get 1 machine into safe mode and used the tool to remove it but only as the profile allowed the tool to run. The other machines profiles did not allow this and i had to reload the machines to get them going again.

hi @QuickSilverST ,

we have raised ticket from our end to check this issue , I will follow up from my end with team and update on the feedback.

Thank you!

Oki great thnx for the help

Any updates yet for this issue.

hi @Siddhesh

I am checking with the team for update on the issue , could you also try to freshly install the latest version of 12.14 XCS

Hi, for me a fresh install also does BSOD. The devices doing this is running 12.3 and it’s fine

hi @QuickSilverST / @Siddhesh

Our team is requesting for further details to investigate the reported issue, we need the following:

  1. Load the device in Safe mode and provide us memory dump memory.dmp collected from “C:\Windows
  2. Download and run the following report tool on one of the affected devices: http://download.comodo.com/cis/download/installs/cisreporttool/cisreporttool.exe

The tool collects both XCC & XCS logs and attempts to upload them to our SFTP (Device name is included in the name of the output). To be able to to identify the logs on our side, please provide us with the local name of the device.

NOTE: The memory dump is mandatory in order to be able to investigate the root cause for the reported issue.

We have created support ticket for the same Ticket # 4923195

Please do update once the logs are collected and share details here.

Thank you!

Hi @QuickSilverST /@Siddhesh

Could you please update on the above request.

Please do share your email Address to which our support team can reach out to.

Hello, can’t really give logs, clients are mad so no time to troubleshoot. Have to uninstall and install previous version. Sorry won’t be able to help with this one… It only happened on a hand full of machines.

Hi @QuickSilverST ,

Regret the inconveniences which you are facing. I understand your concern.

As we have checked with the team , they required logs to investigate further. Kindly provide your admin email adress to which our team can communicate for further necessary details.

Hi We have run the CIS report tool, please find the further details.

Hostname : IN-ASSI-L64
Admin Email.: siddhesh.s@avacarehealth.com

memory.dmp cannot be provided as the machine was formatted later.

hi @Siddhesh thank you for sharing the details. I will request the team to reach out to you directly.

Hello, i sent you a PM.


Thank you @QuickSilverST

hi @Siddhesh / @QuickSilverST

We have received response from the back team. They mentioned that " Please be advised that it’s impossible to find our root cause of BSOD without memory dump collected from the device. But maybe it was compatibility issue between XCS and installedAccops HySecure Client (https://www.accops.com/products/hysecure)..)As we see you installed XCS12.14.0.9145 back. So, we would recommend to monitor the case. If the issue occurs again, please get memory dump collected after issue reproduction - we’ll investigate the dump and provide root cause of the issue. "

So I kindly request you to follow the suggestion provided by the team. Please do reach back to us in case if you face same issue and able to collect memory dump.

Thank you


Maybe Siddhesh used accops as we don’t use it. I will setup a couple laptops over the weekend and install 12.4, hopefully i can repreduce the issue and supply dump files on my end.

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Hi, i we had to setup some more of the same Dell laptops, i we got the BSOD. I collected the information and uploaded, it is linked to this Ticket # 4944002