CCS-XCS issues

please report here if you have issues with new version CCS-XCS,
in my experience:

1. Update seems stuck at 90% after udate from version

with excessive cpu/ram usage,
on random clients with Win10 21H2, 22H2, Win11 22H2
reboot doesn’t help, update stuck for days


  1. Uninstall CIS via Xcitium platform
  2. Clean registry
  3. Reinstall via platform


Yes, having the same issue. Also remove and reinstall via platform. I know a couple years back a support staff member also said not to update but rather remove current version and install latest version.

@QuickSilverST Yee J ITech Solutions you also use Xcitium AEP :smiley:

managing around 400 EPs, the uninstall/reinstall option is not reasonable…
the update process must be rock solid!