New Price Base April 2024

Last Friday my sales representative inform us about the new price in xcitium solutions, looks like I miss something, because the new price is ridiculous … until April 1 we pay approx $1x device por month , now the quote was $3 x device.

hi @jrojas23

Request you to drop your concerns and queries regarding pricing to the email address and the respective team will reach out to you.

How do you guys justify doubling our price?
We have been with comodo when it was free forever (still paid for our licenses) then it became Itarian, now we are with Xcitium. I have no idea why we are with xcitium and not Itarian? Why did we get switch.

Feel like we have been and still are beta tester and now you are asking for twice the amount.

This one is tough to swallow.

hi @SmartCloud

We would like to inform you that our billing model has been changed recently. We will now bill separately for the use of our RMM module to the extent you use these features. Specifically, RMM, Patch Management, and MDM modules will now be charged per device.

You can also check the link for details on optimizing the profile Sections as per the new billing method to use only the free service.

Note: Even if the Xcitium Client Security is not installed on the device, if the XCS was enabled on the profile section, you will still be billed after 30 days.

Just answer the question.
How do you justify the enormous increase in price?
We are not getting more, we are getting exactly the same but at 2 to 3 times more per device.
Justify that.

Also, tell us why we are with Xcitium and not with Itarian.
Why did we get moved?

hi @SmartCloud

I understand your concern, please do provide your account admin email address and contact details , I will forward those to the respective account owner to reach out to you to have detailed discussion on this pricing concern.

Thank you

Why dont we just discuss it here. Its a concern for all your customers.
No need to do sneaky stuff.

How do you justify doubling to tripling your prices?
What are we getting more for twice or triple the dollars we spend.
Simple question that should already been discussed internally.

hi @SmartCloud

I am able to assist you regarding the technical issues which you face with product , regarding the pricing of products needs to be addressed by respective account owner, please do drop your concern to our support email address and they shall request the concerned account owner to reach back to you.

Why dont you ask the people who needs to answer this question to come here.
Im sure I am not the only one wondering.

Lets put it all on the table.
When we started with Comodo it was all FREE forever.
Then it became Itarian and now its Xcitum but Itarian is still there.
Been asking for a while now, why did we get moved to Xcitium?

Now we have an issue with doubling and tripling the price.
When will you guys become transparent with these issues?

I’m sure they are getting the same reaction firmwide. I don’t think the increase they charged me was anywhere near what they said it would be.

Why all this secrecy and why are they not transparent.
Why no answers on simple questions.

I feel like I have been a beta tester since we joined with Comodo and the company seems very immature when you cant get simple questions answered.

I have asked for a while now, why did we get switched from Itarian to Xcitium?
Not a difficult question but no I never get an answer.

So no response of course.

This is really getting dumb.
We got an invoice for 9 devices postpaid usage @ $7.68 per device :slight_smile:
Thats per month.

Does Xcitium think they will have customers at that price?

Not sure what to do at the moment.
Being billed $7.68 per post use device.
Have 294 and need 30 more or so.

Can’t get a reasonable response from Xcitium.
We have been paying about $10-12 per device per year and we started to pay long before it was required and long before it was Xcitium.

Do we just find another solution since there are many (probably everyone) thats cheaper than that.

Why no response and why no transparency?

So anyone have a suggestion?

ask the support team at

I shoudlnt have to ask anywhere else but I did.
The tickets got escalated days ago and I am still waiting for an answer.

But why all the secrecy? Why isnt this transparent.

Is anyone else having issues with the new billing? I contacted them via email and asked for a sample future billing based on the services I use. I was told in writing, that there would be no change for some time since I just renewed my contract. Now I receive my April invoice in the email it shows one amount, and on the site, it shows a much higher bill. I can’t get a response from anyone. I have emailed three different people. and nothing.

Same here.
The price they are charging us now is $7.68 per device. No way we will ever pay that for this software.
I have reached out to support and are STILL waiting for a response.

We are looking at alternatives to Xcitium and found a few that looks much better and cheaper.

I come from the free days, and always supported them since I found the product to be good for my needs. But if I asked the sales team will there be any changes to my pricing so I could repair my clients, they responded in writing no there would not be any changes, and now my invoice is higher. that is simple or acceptable. once again I am not disputing the price, just the lack of communication.

Can you DM me the options you are looking at, if this is not resolved i will have to move on. All i need is remote access and patch management.

Could you provide the cheaper and better alternatives? I’m looking at switching as well.

I have also been here since the free Comodo days. I was confused when it switched to Itarian (even though some branding said Comodo and some said Itarian and they had different portals) and now again with Xcitium. A link in the Xcitium dashboard still goes to a page that lists Comodo One as an active product.

I tried to go to a pricing comparison page and got an error message. This sucks.