Pending Reboot Visibility in Endpoint Manager

I posted this in another place, but wasn’t sure if it was the best place for the request. I think it would be greatly beneficial to have the ability to visibly see if any machines are pending reboot for Windows and possibly Macs (from Windows Updates, etc.) in Endpoint Manager. I’m sure there’s a script to check and then send email report, but it would be really nice to see an orange dot on the machine [Windows\Mac] logo or something to indicate a machine needs to be rebooted. Thank you again!

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Hi @uandit ,

Thank you for writing to us. I shall check with the team for possibilities.

hi @uandit , thank you very much for your feedback. This would be a very nice feature to be able to enhance device visibility. We will analyze this request in deep and get back to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can check devices that need reboot through the patch management section.

1- Open Filer
2- Filter by “Reboot”

Thank you for your response. It’s not an ideal solution to be required to leave the Device Management pane - go to Patch Management pane - filter by Reboot which actually filters updates that require a reboot - click on the # indicating an amount of computers relevant to the Reboot-required update. Whew! That took quite a few steps didn’t it?

Or, what if I’m not necessarily looking for computers needing a reboot? However, if it’s indicated visually I may want to take note and address it.

Just an icon or some visual indication in the Device Mgmt pane would be very helpful. For example, in another RMM there is a column-oriented text indicator; not that I’m suggesting an entire column dedicated to this. But, here’s an example:

It brings awareness that a pending reboot is needed on selected machines. Additionally, this is very helpful when performing maintenance on multiple machines because it is updated in near real-time (no reports or filters or refreshes needed!).

Thx for listening.

Hi @uandit , we are already analyzing this nice feature that you brought up. I just wanted to share a workaround to help you until we get this feature done.

Thank you very much for sharing these ideas.

I’ll upvote this one, the sample image from a competitor RMM has recently been improved to show a very nice Icon next to the device and offers a reboot option when you hover over the host.

Reboot options could include now, when user signs out or perhaps overnight (maybe taking active hours from the assigned customer). This is just icing on the cake though … the icon that tels us where a device is pending reboot would be a great start.

Just as an aside the image from the Xcitium staff membe rindicates if the patch requires an reboot, it does not show devices that need a reboot.


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