Submit Here Malware To Be Blacklisted 2023

Hi All so here you can submit malware to Xcitium for analysis and if found to be Malware it will be blacklisted

Submit from following Links:
Xcitium Verdict Cloud(Cloud Verdict Customer Login | Xcitium Cloud Verdict)

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Analyst says Clean but VirusTotal has 33 detections please fix this and add signature detection

This is a very common issue with Xcitium. I have to object over 15 files yesterday as they are rated as clean but alot of vendors are rating it as malicious.

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yeah J ITech i know also Eclypsee asked will you give me your discord username so he can add you as friend and you guys talk then

Also @QuickSilverST

@QuickSilverST does ur samples also get caught by Static Analysis?

No most don’t, is either unknown or rated as clean. Then i object is clean but VT has high number malicious rating. Yes i will sort out the discord and send it to you.

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oh but as you can see J ITech for me it does

@QuickSilverST J ITech bro you also need to see Dynamic Analysis

this can give you an sign if its malicious or not

@QuickSilverST AHAHAHAHHAH Look this fake discord sample

@QuickSilverST J ITech did you saw fake discord :joy:

Yes, i did. Also had some strange samples.

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Yeah J ITech also if you want you can make ur discord server so your subscribers can join too and Eclypsee too

@QuickSilverST Also J ITech Eclypsee has so many questions about Xcitium AEP so you will help him on discord when you add him but yeah he has so many questions

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thx dude also accept my friend request on discord

@QuickSilverST also J ITech accept my friend request and Eclypsees friend request when you have like 10 or 15 minutes pause from work

@QuickSilverST J ITech check discord dms dude you were not online for 2 days man

@QuickSilverST Look bro a new member joined ur server

@QuickSilverST JITech alot of members are joining ur discord server and probably sending you friend requests so yeah when you have time come online and accept them