What is up with tech support?

Hi guys. Who here has issues with tech support. I swear they don’t read the mails properly. So here is my issue and this is the EXACT same problem i had before. When a new customer is created, they show in endpoint manager, CRM, SOCAAP etc, but not in EDR. It took ages and a bunch of mails for them to finally come back and said the developers had to delete and re-create the clients. I had to re create the groups and apply the endpoints to said groups. Now i have the same issue. They keep going on with clear my cookies and such, which is not the issue. Now they ask me to run the cis reporttool??? How the hell is this going to help when a client isn’t showing in the drop down list?? I really fed-up with support and there seems be always this back and forth.

Never seen that before J ITech

Ya it seems I’m always one of the lucky ones to get the weird problems.

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J ITech maybe try again emailing them maybe its a server problem i dont know

I have sent so many mails, they did reply so will see what happens.

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Nice also J ITech do you have any social media accounts? like instagram facebook twitter or etc

Hi @QuickSilverST ,

Apologises that you are facing the issue with client listing in Endpoint manager.

Request you to kindly share the previous raised ticket number using which I can follow up with the development team.

Thank you

HI @nivedithab This is my ticket number: Ticket #4949927. Thank you for you willingness to help.

hi @QuickSilverST

thank you for sharing, I have requested for feedback from the development team. I will update you once heard from them.


Not very impressed with support or Xcitium.
Too many issues and support is not very good.
With the latest 12.14 release that caused so many problems its getting the point where we might just have to move on.

Today we have contained/quarantined events on endpoints but nothing shows in the back end.

Yes, i must say i have been plagued with problems the last couple months, there is always something that goes wrong. Again this morning, one DC server just didn’t want to allow pastel from launching, also couldn’t even get AD open, once HIPS was disabled it was fine. No rule changes, nothing. Another laptop after upgrading to 12.5, no website wanted to open but could remote to it. Remove XCS and reinstalled and was fine again. Also getting this alot, EDR does not update, only uninstalls the version, then it shows EDR is not installed on endpoint, then when i try to install, i get this, also i can restart that machine a hundred times it does not help. I either have to repair the agent on the endpoint or it randomly just goes through:

hi @SmartCloud / @QuickSilverST ,

Regret the inconveniences caused.
I shall make sure that we provide best support services from our team and shall follow up with development team to resolve the issues faced by you.


Do you guys know how many old is VirusScope and when did Xcitium created it what year thx

hi @Nik

The Virus Scope was released as a new virus monitoring tool in April 2014.

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It uses Static and Dynamic Analysis both XAMAS,machine learning alghoritms and its really good at detecting malware its op i tested it

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Hello QuickSilverST,
I am starting to get stupid things going on with my clients and I am on 12.10 on half of them. Random issues with programs that have been stable and running on the machines. I received a call from a client this morning that one of the apps they are using suddenly had a green box around it and it failed to load. I went to the portal and did not see one thing in containment, I could not even exclude the mysterious trigger file. It is quite unnerving that we are constantly troubleshooting problems. I dont know about you but I have better things to do. The same client different machine could not open Quickbooks. They have been on Comodo\Excitium for two years. Out of the blue they could not open Quickbooks. Nothing in the portal. They had to do payroll, it was easier to uninstall XCS than wait for a maybe issue being reported in the portal. The minute XCS was off the reboot happened and she did payroll. I don’t know if I can keep this up. Carbon Black has been calling, and I have all of the Malwarebytes uninstalled. It is pretty clear to me that there problems at Xcitium and we are all tamping out spot fires with a straw broom. It is getting old, and I have some renewal considerations coming up. I hope someone there gets it fixed, before I have to abandon ship.

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Jip i know how you feel. I have been using comodo since 2016 and always had some sort of issue. So far 12.15 seems good but 12.10 is not perfect. The only reason i can think of quickbooks being in containment is if it did an update and maybe the .exe was modified on the hash value or something to be seen as new/unknown. Do you have the section enabled under containment to upload logs and also under agent discovery settings?:

For me it shows relatively quick under containment section. You maybe upgrade and endpoint or two with 12.13 maybe and 12.15 and see how it goes. I had a couple on 12.13 and had no issue when 12.14 was a problem.

hi @dickk_MpA

kindly request you to upgrade the systems to latest version of XCS. Please do let us know if you are still facing issues with the latest version.

Thank you

Hi ,

I have checked with the development team that the issue has been fixed with the EDR version 2.8 and once the version is released the issue will be resolved. I shall update you for further feedback once received from team.

Thank you

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hello, oki great thank you i will wait for the update.