Xcitium Verdict Cloud Dynamic Analysis Camas/Xamas server does not work

Dynamic Analysis doesnt work
Why does ur Xamas server not work for Dynamic Analysis?
Please fix this.

hi @Nik

I have forwarded the details to to the backend team to look into this issue and share update on this , apologies for the inconvenience caused.

hi @Nik

The team has shared their feedback , there was temp issue with killchain server, issue fixed, now file sent to rescan

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So the Xamas server is now fixed?

yes they have sent the file you have shared for rescan

so Camas/Xamas uses both Static and Dynamic Analysis right?

Xamas means Xcitium Automated Malware Analysis System so yes it does use both static and dynamic behavioral analysis

@nivedithab but the website for XAMAS is dead can you please fix it to work again? http://camas.comodo.com/

hi @Nik

please use the URL https://camas.comodo.com/

yes @Nik , it does use both Static and Dynamic analysis

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but why is camas.comodo.com dead?

hi @Nik

it is not dead , please do use the correct URL given above , the difference is http and https

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Yeah ok but alot of times after 2-3 months it says that Camas/Xamas analysis is not available

please do share the screenshot , I will check with the backend team to look into it

i dont say it has problems now XAMAS is fixed now and works

sure , whenever you face such error , please share us the detailed information and screenshot to investigate further as we will be able to analyze only during the issue occurrence time.

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is Xamas the backend server?

AGAIN THE ISSUE?.Whats the point of this Xcitium Verdict Cloud if there are no behavioral analysis being done?

@nivedithab in 2016 Valkyrie was amazing.But now withoout Camas/Xamas Dynamic Behavioral Analysis i think Xcitium is lagging behind

hi @Nik

Apologies for the inconvenience, I have shared the details with the Verdict team to look into the issue and share their feedback .